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Fire Investigation

We provide comprehensive Forensic Engineering services in fire investigation, leveraging our unmatched collective expertise to uncover the origin, root causes and contributing factors in fire-related incidents. Our expertise lies in meticulously analyzing fire-related incidents. With a profound understanding of fire dynamics, material behavior, and structural integrity, we bring clarity to complex fire investigations. We meticulously examine fire scenes, collect evidence, and reconstruct events to determine the origin and cause of fires and to provide our clients with in-depth insights that can aid in legal proceedings, insurance claims, and safety improvements.. Our commitment to delivering accurate, unbiased findings to the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism empowers our clients, be they insurance companies, legal professionals, or government agencies, to make informed decisions and seek resolution in the aftermath of fire-related incidents.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Proving that a high profile attorney did not burn his house down intentionally.
Proving that a house fire, resulting from an explosion, was the result of a murder/suicide rather than a accidental ignition.
Proving that a vehicle fire was due to a recalled product defect that had not been repaired.