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Forensic Engineering services encompass a multifaceted approach to firearm investigations, wherein we, as experts in this field, utilize a combination of scientific analysis, engineering principles, and a deep understanding of firearms to solve cases. Our team has years of experience in global firearms manufacturing as well as criminal ballistics investigations ensuring a meticulous examination of the physical and ballistic evidence associated with firearms. We work diligently to reconstruct the events surrounding a discharge, identifying the weapon used, and establish crucial links between firearms and related incidents. By employing state-of-the-art techniques and expertise, we deliver comprehensive and impartial assessments, contributing to the clarity and resolution of complex firearm-related cases.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Identifying the shooter involved in a fatal drive by shooting.
Determining the sequence of shots and identifying the firearm used in a fatal officer involved shooting during a drug sting operation.
Determining the cause of a rifle misfire.