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Automobile Fire InvestigationDr. King is a Rocket Scientist. His Ph.D. focused on Combustion and Flame Spread on earth and in space. His research required the launching of rockets at White Sands, New Mexico, ground tests at the NASA Lewis Research Center and in labs at UCSD and SDSU as well as a number of experiments to be run on the space shuttle.

After the completion of his doctoral studies, he has assisted with field burn testing of numerous vehicles with fires having been started using a variety of methods. The vehicles were extinguished after various burn times and then investigated to determine the cause and origin of the fires.

Dr. King has attended the Fire Investigator training courses at the Fresno Fire Academy and participated in the training burns of several structures onsite. Again, the structures were set alight using various methods and all investigated thoroughly to clarify the burn patterns and relationship between burn time and burn damage for the contents of the structures.

Automobile FireDr. King, and his team of investigators, have also performed fire reconstruction tests in the CSI lab to determine and video document critical characteristics and features of physical evidence.

This careful, methodical, real world experimentation and experience help to provide a foundation of knowledge that aid Dr. King in understanding the characteristics of fires and how they spread as well as finding the cause and origin of those fires.