CSI is going through some exciting changes and updates, one of which is a brand new website that is 10 years overdue! The CSI office is open and providing the same level of service you have become accustomed to throughout these updates!

Clarity Scientific, Inc. is an engineering and science based forensics engineering consulting firm.  We provide solutions to law firms and insurance companies nationwide seeking an expert in accident reconstruction. We have successfully consulted on cases involving numerous and varied aspects of accidents including personal injuries and property damage.

CSI was founded in 2003 by Dr. Matthew King with the goal to provide a quick response, balanced, and conservative service that attorneys and insurance carriers could depend on to get the answers they needed to best help their clients.

Located in the heart of Central California, CSI is well positioned to service the entire state of Califorina with reasonable rates and minimal travel time.

The CSI Team:

Will MacNeill

Will MacNeill, PE

Prinicpal engineer and main expert at CSI Central Valley, Mr. MacNeill holds a Master of Science in Mechanincal Engineeering from Oregon State University and is a registered Mechanical Engineer. Mr. MacNeill’s specializations include automobile accident reconstruction, industrial accident reconstruction, workplace safety, firearms design and safety, machine guarding, and product liability.

Download Will MacNeill's CV (PDF)

Matt King

Matthew King, PhD

Founder of CSI Central Valley, Dr. King has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and has honed his skills with years of experience working on thousands of files. Dr. King’s specializations include automobile accident reconstruction, automotive fire investigation, industrial accident reconstruction, structural fire investigation, machine guarding and product liability.

Download Matthew King's CV (PDF)