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Machine Guarding

We investigate and analyze safety measures and protocols related to guarding of industrial machinery. We meticulously assess the design, installation, and maintenance of machine guards to determine their compliance with industry standards and regulations. Through comprehensive inspections, data analysis, and expert testimony, we shed light on potential lapses or shortcomings in machine guarding or user error that may have contributed to accidents or injuries. Our collective goal is to provide a thorough and impartial evaluation, aiding clients in understanding the root causes of incidents and insights into the failures of risk mitigation measures.

Sample of cases that we have consulted on:
Documenting disabled machine guarding that allowed an operator’s thumb to be crushed.
Determine the series of protocol failures leading to the fatal injuries of a man cleaning an industrial meat processor.
Identifying and documenting the failure of a manufacturer to follow the regulations controlling the configuration and operation of a log splitter resulting in multiple fractures of an arm.